06/27/21 Live Force Free K9 Snake Avoidance Master Course

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    Penny Diloreto, CPDT-KA

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    Dog treats, leash, collar or harness.  Walking shoes - No opened toe or sandals
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  Live course includes downloadable E-Book with all instructions and online instructions.

Two Part Course

This course comes in two parts in order to maximize our time together with your dog. 

PART ONE:  Online Training Materials
The online materials are organized and presented to help get you and your K9 buddy ready for the live training session. The course contents are a prerequisite and must be completed before taking part in the live session.  See online course content below. 

PART TWO:  Live Training Session
During the live training session, we will build upon the materials learned during Part One.  Part Two is scheduled for Sunday, June 17, 2021

Course Contents

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Force Free K9 Snake Avoidance Master Course

Snake Avoidance

Are you curious? Possibly you have never heard the term "Force Free" in connection with dog training and Snake Avoidance.

Interview Clip

DiLoreto:  On average, how many dogs do you treat for snakebites each year?  

Dr. Seibold, DVM:  50+

Interview Clip

DiLoreto:  I have heard that snakes are blind while shedding their skin and thus more apt to bite. Is this true? 

Tom:  Yes.  It's referred to as being "in the blue," their skin is opaque, their eyes are clouded over, and it is tough for them to see. They become scared and will lash out at anything they feel may be threatening them.
Are you a skilled dog trainer contemplating starting a Snake Avoidance program and want to explore Force-Free Training methods.  Are you a loving pet owner that wants to keep  your dog safe from snake bites?  If you answered yes, you are in the right place.

Included with the course are interviews with top professionals in the field of Veterinary Medicine, Snake Envenomation, and  Snake Behavior

Owner of Animal Urgent Care. Escondido, CA
Dr. Karen Seibold, DVM, DACVECCDVM, was so kind to take time out of her hectic schedule and provided me with answers I had on the treatment of venomous snake bites for this book. Dr. Seibold, the owner of Animal Urgent Care, established in 1996 in Escondido, CA., lectures locally and nationally on the diagnosis and treatment of envenomations in dogs and cats. She is a Board Member for Venom Week (human toxicology group) and a 1998 Diplomat American College of Veterinary and Critical Care.   
Tom Derr
Owner of Tom's Snake and Rattle Snake  Rescue 
I had the privilege of having coffee with Tom and his beautiful wife.  Tom has over 20 years of experience working with and handling rattlesnakes and snakes of all breeds. Tom's business, Tom's Snakes and Rattlesnake Rescue, located in the Mira Mesa area of San Diego, California, is known to locals as the place to call if an unwanted snake wanders into backyards, homes, or any space it is not welcome. Tom does not advocate killing any snake, including Rattlesnakes; instead, he removes the snake from the unwanted location. 
Michael Schaer DVM
Professor of Veterinary Internal Medicine at the University of Florida
One website reports that 15,000 dogs and cats suffer from snakebites each year; others suggest more.  In my research to find the statistics on the number of dogs bitten by snakes each year, I discovered much conflicting information. Dr Michael Schaer DVM answered my questions best.
Meet the instructor

Penny DiLoreto, CPDT-KA

I have been teaching Force Free snake avoidance classes at my training facility in California for over seven years, and have been invited to teach dog training professionals as far away as Australia. My program has been featured on Victoria Stilwell’s website, star of Animal Planet's hit TV series. It's Me or the Dog, https://positively.com/contributors/snake-avoidance-making-wise-choices/, and published in the San Diego Union-Tribune http://www.dogpsychologistoncall.com/ut-pet-school-snake-avoidance/. In addition to my Force Free snake avoidance program, my dog training techniques have been published in The American Kennel Club's Train Your Puppy Right, By American Kennel Club, and guest speaker on Pet World Radio Segment, http://petworldinsider.com/tag/penny-diloreto/.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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